Apr 02

OpenTTD forum!

Hi there!

I have now moved most of the OpenTTD stuff to my new forum, because i thought this is an easier way to administer it.

There you will find the server setups and server status and so on. You can also write in the forum if you think one of the servers need a restart.

You can find it right here! Or you can find it to the right, below the menu.

You can still find out how to get your own server under the games category in the top menu.

Mar 10

Get your own OpenTTD server!

You can now get your own OpenTTD server.

Just look under the OpenTTD section, to find out more!

Feb 09

Got my own BF4 server!

Hi there!

A couple of weeks ago i bought my own Battlefield 4 server.
Although letly it has been quite empty.

Please come and play! :)

Jan 22

Playing OpenTTD!

Hi there

I have recently found this game called OpenTTD. It’s a free and open source game. The graphics are not the most awesome i have seen, but the gameplay is awesome! And then did i mention it’s free? :)

Check it out for yourself right here: www.openttd.org

Realy excited about it. Actually so excited that i started to host 4 of my own servers. Check them out right here!